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INKAS® Run-Flat Tires

  • January 14, 2015
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Increased terrorism and other security threats around the world have boosted the demand for run-flat tires to be installed on armoured vehicles. The main safety feature of run-flat tires is that they are designed to prevent a driver from losing control when a tire loses pressure, especially when travelling on harsh terrains or at high speed.

How do flat-run tires work?

There are two types of run-flat tires: auxiliary support and self-support. Auxiliary support tires have a structure inside the tire that can support the weight of the car when the tire deflates. Self-supporting tires have highly reinforced sidewalls that can support the weight of the vehicle.

These tires-within-a-tire are hard and strong enough to support an armored vehicle, but soft enough that bullets pass through without shattering the tire.

Depending on the model, level of protection and size, armoured cars can be quite costly but they are definitely worth the investment and have saved countless lives. Of course, this investment is wasted if all it takes to stop the car is shooting out its tires. With run-flat tires, INKAS® armored vehicles can run for another 125 miles after the tires have been punctured.

For more information on run-flat tires and other spare parts provided by INKAS® please visit our website. +1 461 645 8725.

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