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Certificates and Testimonials

Certificates & Testimonials

Security, safety, quality, performance – all words used to describe the guiding principle here at INKAS®. We believe that if we do not, or cannot impose and meet our own stringent guidelines in the manufacturing and distribution of armoured vehicles – we shouldn’t be in the business in the first place. We aim to over-deliver with every job by offering stellar customer service, quick turn-around and knowledgeable recommendations when it comes to selecting armoured vehicles.

All of our work is done to international specifications and only the highest quality materials and glasses are used. We have been issued certifications from numerous international organizations in order to establish ourselves as a reputable and established armored vehicle manufacturer.

With the amount of resources that typically need to be allocated towards the purchase of an armored vehicle, it makes sense to opt for a manufacturer with proper certifications in order to ensure the safety of everyone within the vehicle. Please take a look below at just some of the certifications which we are able to publicly and proudly exhibit.

We truly believe in word-of-mouth advertising as well as its effectiveness. With every completed job, there is the possibility that our clients may recommend us to others – and we never forget this fact. As a result, some of our happy customers have gone as far as to write testimonials and letters of recommendation for us. Below is a collection of a few notable customer testimonials. Some of our satisfied clients include Sean Ennis, President of Valley Armored Car Service Ltd, Charles Barlow, President of Zariba Security Corporation and John W. Hamilton, Major, USAF, contracting Officer amongst many others.

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