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INKAS® warrants any armor related items installed and conversion related custom workmanship, for two (2) years, or 40,000kms (25,000 miles), whichever comes first.

Warranty work covered by INKAS®, shall be performed after assessment and written authorization by INKAS®, or its representative on the Territory. INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing will make a payment for all approved repairs deemed to be of a reasonable nature.

INKAS® assumes no responsibility for damages sustained through misuse or accidental damage, negligence, or any unauthorized modifications made to the vehicle following delivery of the vehicle to the customer. Under the terms in this warranty, INKAS® shall in no way be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from loss of use or time, inconvenienced, or commercial loss resulting from need for warranty work. This warranty covers the repair and/or replacement of warranty related items only. All other non-warranty related additional costs sustained, remain the responsibility of the customer.

OEM parts and accessories not related to the process of armoring shall be covered by the warranties of their respective manufacturers, and are not included in the warranty coverage provided by this agreement. However, INKAS® agrees to offer any reasonable assistance in obtaining service from their companies of origin. Should there be any undue difficulties with obtaining service of the OEM parts and accessories; INKAS® will also agree to replace them for the client at our current wholesale price. The customer shall remain responsible for any/all shipping and handling fees or incidental costs associated with the replacement of OEM items, as well as the aforementioned replacement cost.

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