Research and Development

Research and Development

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is an innovative company, which is constantly investing in the R&D of high-mass efficient armor, composites and integrated design solutions. Our action plan is to improve our existing technologies as well as implement it within the design of modern armored vehicles and law enforcement solutions. The main objectives of our research and development team are quality, safety and security.

“We actively invest in the R&D of high-mass efficient armor,
composites and integrated design solutions.”

Our R&D team designs and develops a wide variety of armored vehicles from armored SUVs and sedans to cash-in-transit and special purpose armored vehicles. Our highly-trained professionals are focused on the quality production of armored vehicles while consistently seeking ways to increase production efficiency, vehicle comfort, reliability and cost-awareness. INKAS® vehicles are employed all over the world in the most severe climate conditions. We work hard to ensure that our products are suitable for the prevailing temperatures. We regularly upgrade our product line based on the valuable feedback provided by our clients.

Every vehicle manufactured by INKAS® is subject to stringent quality control standards and ensures that all the parts pass through the OEM diagnostic process. We aim to over-deliver with every job by offering stellar customer service, quick turn-around and knowledgeable recommendations when it comes to selecting armored vehicles.

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