Company History

Company history

Established in 2000, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been providing armored vehicles for banks, law enforcement agencies, corporate clients and individuals all over the world. Today INKAS® has grown into a leading international manufacturer of quality armored vehicles. Accommodating today’s diverse market, INKAS® now specializes in a wide range of custom security and transportation solutions for its clients, including armored transport vehicles, executive armored SUVs, armored cars, luxury sedans, armored limousine and special purpose vehicles.

Personal and corporate security concerns have always been a top property for governments and corporations worldwide. New surges in terrorism have raised these concerns to an unprecedented level. Many organization and private individuals are now forced to dedicate a significant portion of their resources to defeating actual and potential threats of crime and terrorism. Through an individual approach to the needs and requirements of each of its clients, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is able to relieve this strain by supplying armored cars that take safety and security to a higher level, while offering peace of mind.

Company timeline

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing was established in Toronto, Canada

June 1, 2000

INKAS® Armored has been granted Canada’s National Safety Mark

June 4, 2010

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing released LAPV APC

March 1, 2011

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing acquired the second manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada, with the production area 150,000 sqft, allowing to increase production to 40-50 vehicles per month

August 1, 2011

INKAS® Professional Vehicle Manufacturing was established specializing in executive coach, limousines and custom transport vehicles

November 1, 2013

INKAS® started offering replacement parts for armored vehicles

December 1, 2013

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing launched Huron APC

May 1, 2014

INKAS® armored vehicle saved the life of Muhamadu Buhari, the current Nigerian President, and three his aids when they were attacked during the election campaign

July 1, 2014

INKAS® Armored won the Ontario Export Awards

November 1, 2014

INKAS® won the Leaders in Employment Awards

May 1, 2015

Launch of the INKAS® Sentry APC

June 1, 2015

INKAS® received the Business Excellence Award in The Global Reach category

November 10, 2015

Grand opening of new armored vehicle showroom in Toronto, Canada

December 10, 2015

INKAS® Group of Companies celebrates 20-year anniversary milestone

March 14, 2016

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing launched Hudson APC

October 20, 2016

By year end, INKAS® has been honored with several awards including the 2016 Emery Entrepreneurship Award, the Ontario Export Awards, the Ontario Business Achievement Awards and has been recognized as a Marketer of the year.

December 31, 2016

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