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Discover our versatile selection of robust pickup trucks, built to the highest global standards, with a focus on your protection, functionality, and durability.

Armored Pickup Trucks

Armored Chevrolet Silverado

Armored Pickup Trucks are typically employed for certain special conditions where other armored vehicles will not be able to do the job. They are designed to take on volatile environments, rough terrains and/or haul heavy loads – all while being fully protected. Their quality lies in their robust capabilities along with advanced armoring technologies used to ensure that they can perform in every situation. Our armored trucks have been designed with the utmost precision, so that the advanced ballistic technology used to deliver protection remains virtually unidentified from unarmored factory models.
These vehicles provide one of the highest level of protection – BR6, ensuring 360° of security for passengers and valuables inside.


Some of the common usages of bulletproof trucks:


  • Secure “cash pickup”
  • Jewelry or other valuables transportation
  • Police and special units’ operations
  • Safe and discrete day-to-day driving in a high-crime zones


INKAS® Armored Pick-up Trucks are ideal for law enforcement agencies and organizations. With a wide array of options and configurations, almost any specification is attainable. Contact us today for any inquiry or request.

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