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INKAS LAPV is equipped with advanced blast and ballistic protection, handling and maneuverability, increased tires size, significantly improved ground clearance and optional Central Tire Inflation System.

The new model of the APC is upgraded with a new drive train and [...]

New Ford F550

Armoured Ford F550 provides a reliable and Heavy Duty platform for a Cash Transit vehicle.   Easily accommodates the crew of 4 people and useful payload.


With a flexible platform for various pick-up conversion alternatives, the F-550 is ideal for [...]

The 2013 Mercedes GL-class has started to arrive to dealer showrooms all over the world, and we at INKAS Armored Vehicles have already started the work to develop the armoring package for this luxurious Sport Utility vehicle. We anticipate to [...]

Mercedes Benz G63

The long awaited Mercedes G63 is finally here.  To place an order for an Armored 2013 model, please contact us at [email protected]

Click here for more information about the Armored Mercedes G63

An ambassador of Bulgaria experienced an attack in the capital of Yemen on Saturday of May 12, Reuters said with a reference on the employee of the embassy of one of the western countries.

Three armed attackers approached a car [...]

The global economic crisis increased the risk of regime-threatening instability in the form of social unrest and rebellion in many countries. Police forces require a vehicle which is versatile, provides superior protection and mobility. To meet today’s market demand, INKAS Designers have come up with a cost effective yet uncompromising solution for crowd dispersal – “INKAS” Armored Riot Control Vehicle” INKAS RCV. INKAS RCV is equipped with the modern equipment designed to provide reliable performance: high-pressure water pumps with regulated nozzle pressure, chemical additive tanks, fire-extinguishing system, adjustable-height ram-bumper for clearing the barricades or heavier obstacles, surveillance equipment with video recording capabilities, ballistic protection for the crew as well as key mechanical and electronic components. The INKAS RCV is designed to out-perform similar products currently available on the market.

In today’s world more and more police departments, along with other security and law-enforcement organizations choose to equip their special tactical and first response teams with a vehicle that offers superior characteristics and ballistic protection for the crew.

INKAS Armored [...]

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing  begins relocation to a recently acquired 160,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada.  The relocation is taking place in phases, without any shut downs and will not have a negative effect on current production schedule.

Ford E-Series Diesel

According to an inside source, Ford has cancelled any plans to fit their E-Series van line with a new diesel engine. Diesel van production stopped during the 2010 model year, after the 6.0L was discontinued. Ford was rumored to be [...]

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