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Why is it a Good Idea to Buy a Bulletproof Vehicle in 2024?

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Purchasing a car may be a stressful process, particularly for first-time buyers. After your home, a car is another important investment that you should not gamble with. A bulletproof car is what you need if you’re searching for a vehicle that can survive everything life throws at it.

Although it may appear exclusive to public figures or government employees to drive a bulletproof automobile, everyone may benefit from the extra security that an armored vehicle can offer.

As people become increasingly concerned about their safety, the interest in acquiring bulletproof vehicles has significantly increased among both individuals and organizations. According to a Market Overview of Global Armored Cars, the global armored car market appears promising over the next five years. There are many compelling reasons to buy and own a bulletproof vehicle this year.


Top Reasons to Invest In and Own a Bulletproof Car

As urban environments continue to grow more crowded, along with increased crime rates, the demand for armored vehicles purchased by civilians continues to rise. These sedans, SUVs, or pickup trucks boast reinforced structures and ballistic-resistant materials, providing ultimate peace of mind while on the road.

1. Enhanced Personal Security

The main reason to opt for a bulletproof car is the upgraded personal security and protection it offers. These vehicles are designed to protect you from the risks associated with potential attacks or other threats. From business people and politicians to presidents and celebrities, a bulletproof car has become a significant investment to protect oneself. 

Such modern-era vehicles are also equipped with extra fuel tanks and are capable of getting one out of trouble. They can also be equipped with sirens, PA systems, and ample storage space for valuables, enhancing their reliability during travel.

In addition, a bulletproof car is crucial to ensuring unparalleled safety during private meetings and secured escorts. One can carry valuables, such as documents and money, without worry.

2. Surge in Global Uncertainty

Over the past few years, a number of uncertainties have affected private citizens and businesses alike, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the various conflicts in Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. Most assume that 2024 is still going to be a very unorthodox year.

Owning a bulletproof vehicle means being well-prepared for unforeseen situations. Not to mention, such vehicles are designed to offer protection against various threats, including bullets and explosive devices, that any standard car cannot provide.

3. Upgraded Technology and Comfort

Bulletproof cars are often associated with luxury and comfort. Yes, this can be another significant reason for investing in them. These vehicles are made of premium materials with impressive interior designs using fine leather and exotic wood trim, contributing to their luxurious appeal. Additionally, they provide incredible customization options, from interior amenities to exterior styling, setting the automobile apart from other cars. 

By integrating modern technology, bulletproof automobile brands have introduced various unique models with top-notch safety features and exceptional comfort. Gone are the days when bulletproof cars were bulky and cumbersome. The upgraded technology has enabled the manufacturers to seamlessly incorporate ballistic protection into new-era models such as SUVs and sedans for more practical daily drivers, facilitating enhanced safety without compromise and promising aesthetics and performance.


4. Long-term Investment 

While investing in bulletproof cars can be an expensive affair compared to standard vehicles, it’s crucial to consider the long-term investment. Armored vehicles have typically held a higher resale value as their primary function—that of being bulletproof—will eventually outweigh the price of the vehicle itself.

INKAS® Armored is a prime manufacturer of premium bulletproof automobiles, renowned for their armored vehicles worldwide. Keeping your safety in mind, the company has designed a range of armored cars that can deliver the utmost safety in an ever-changing world. Contact
INKAS® today and learn more about our armored vehicles.

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