VR7 Certified Armored Toyota Land Cruiser LC300, VPAM, STANAG & ERV2010

VPAM VR7 Certified
& Blast-Tested

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 300 (LC300)


VPAM Certified Armored Toyota Land Cruiser [VR7]

The INKAS® VPAM-certified Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series is a true leader in its class. In order to obtain the certification, the armored Land Cruiser 300 endured extensive ballistic testing, which specifically targeted the potential points of failure where the vehicle would be most susceptible to penetration during an attack. The INKAS Armored Land Cruiser successfully proved its reliability in the field – withstanding over 780 rounds of ammunition from various calibre firearms, 6 roof-level hand grenades (DM51), 4 underbody hand grenades (DM51), 2 land mines (DM31) as well as a 15kg TNT (equivalent) explosion from a 2 meter distance.

Apart from the base vehicle design, INKAS has individually certified various configurations of armoring, including a standard bulkhead version, a rear tailgate version which is ideal for tactical teams, as well as an optional fully-certified roof hatch; both the VR7 roof hatch and tailgate are an industry-first for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series. Furthermore, INKAS has fully homologated the VR7 Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in Europe – making it eligible for registration and on-road use in both Europe and across the globe. Additionally, INKAS manufactures a BR6 Armor Level version of the Land Cruiser which is ideal for civilian use.


The VPAM standard ensures that the vehicle as a whole prevents ammunition and explosions from penetrating the cabin and provides full protection for all its passengers. INKAS® has successfully received certifications for VPAM BRV2009: VR7 Level, VPAM ERV2010, STANAG 4569 AEP Volume 2 as well as TÜV Homologation for registration in Europe (with rest of world available upon request). All certificates are available upon request.


Standard Armoring Package

  • Bulkhead door armoring version, 5 seater
  • Cargo side glass blacked out
  • Window lifter on the driver’s door
  • Intercom/PA System, 150W
  • Siren (3-tone, Hi-Lo; Wail; Yelp)
  • INKAS® High payload wheels, 5x
  • Runflat system, 5x
  • INKAS® proprietary suspension system (up to 6.8t GVW) consisting of the following: gas pressurized shock absorbers, high pay-load coil springs, INKAS® stabilizer bars front and rear
  • High payload wheels
  • Upgraded brake system – stage 1 (up to 5t GVW)
  • Automatic Fire Suppression (engine compartment)
  • INKAS® proprietary heavy duty hinges
  • Door Assist System
  • Door strap bands (rubber, 800kg)
  • Heated Windscreen
  • INKAS® wiring loom with separate fuse box (OE-style)
  • OEM style door panels/interior
  • Exhaust pipe protection
  • Additional rust and cavity protection
  • First aid kit
  • Warning triangle
  • Bottle jack and jack plate
  • Towing strap with 2x shackles
  • Fire extinguisher (1x 4kg, 1x 1kg)

Options & Extras

  • Engine compartment armoring (side wings, batteries, ECUs, fusebox, brake booster)
  • Radiator armoring
  • Blast plate (for additional protection – above DM31) for the underbody, also serves as skid plate
  • Antenna outlets/cable pass through in the roof armor (max 6 positions)
  • Roof escape hatch, VPAM certified
  • Roof armored against 90° angle of penetration, VPAM certified
  • Window lifter system at the co-driver’s door
  • Window lifter on the rear side doors, 250mm lowerable
  • 7-seater version
  • Armored rear tailgate (instead of Bulkhead door version), with or without e-hydraulic opening/closing
  • Tactical interior (ruggedized floor & door-panels, netting pouches, aluminum cargo area)
  • Gunports – various versions, certified
  • Tactical seat in the rear cargo area
  • Signal Jamming Equipment (ECM)
  • Door locking with keys (remote controlled opening will be deleted)
  • Keyed starter lock
  • Upgraded alternator system
  • 2nd battery with split diode charging system
  • Black-out lights system
  • IR cabin lights
  • IR driving lights
  • Searchlights
  • Rotating beacon and emergency light bars
  • Power outlet on the roof, 12V and 24V options, 100% waterproof (patented)
  • Heavy Duty Winch
  • Front bumper (OEM) re-enforced (hidden) to ram barricades or obstacles
  • Front bull bar
  • Rear steel bumper
  • Quick release spare wheel holder
  • 2nd spare wheel with holder
  • Roof rack
  • Sand plates
  • Strobe lights front and rear, hidden, blue and or red
  • 360° Camera system with hard drive, optional face recognition
  • Automatic door opening and closing for the driver and passenger
  • Door extraction points
  • INKAS® Emergency Door Escape solution (Side, Tailgate, Bulkhead)
  • Tinted glass
  • Cargo area with armored glass on the sides
  • PC protection for the glass from inside against damage for cargo
  • Coms pre-wiring
  • Coms installation
  • Craw feet thrower / anti follow me device (hidden)
  • Anti-magnetic outer body panel protection – against magnetic IEDs
  • INKAS® Stage 2 brake system, up to 5.8t
  • INKAS® Stage 3 brake system, up to 6.8t (largest system in the industry for maximum stopping power)
  • Summer, winter and studded tire options
  • Spare-parts packages, 1-yr, 2-yr, etc.
  • Fire extinguisher system (tires, underbody, cabin)
  • CBRN Filtration systems
  • Oxygen supply system for the cabin
  • Vehicle wrapping/foiling – paint protection
  • Headlight stone-chip protection
  • Night vision camera with screen for driver
  • Tool Storage
  • Storage shelf in the cargo area, various options
  • Cargo net, vertical
  • Weapon Storage, Lockable/Open
  • Running boards
  • Engine/power upgrades
  • Extended wheelbase
  • Presidential parade roof
  • VIP Interior conversion (2 x presidential seats w/ partition)
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