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The INKAS® Toyota Hilux Cash-In-Transit Vehicle

  • March 12, 2015
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Cash-in-transit vehicles (CIT) are involved in the transport, delivery and receipt of valuables such as jewelry, coins, currency or other securities from one place to another. Every bill in your wallet has spent at least part of its life in an armored car before it got to you. And that’s not even the half of it. The credit cards you carry; the precious metals and diamonds in your jewelry; the election ballots you fill out; famous works of art and historical artifacts that you admire in museums were all transported in an armored car at one time or another.

For hundreds of years, cash-in-transit vehicles have been regular targets for professional armed robbers. Criminals looking to rob CITs are usually equipped with firearms and will stop at nothing to access the riches in the vehicles. Unlike other vehicles, INKAS® Toyota Hilux will not be easily taken. The Toyota Hilux is a mobile fortress when on the road. Don’t be misled by its modest appearance as a custom pickup truck – this enables it to blend in with other vehicles when on the road in order to safely deliver your valuables, perfect for places like the Middle East and Asia.

There aren’t many vehicles that come with the status and history of Toyota’s Hilux, and the newest model is no exception. In the world of pick-up trucks, reputations are not easily achieved. But when you are dealing with a reliable product that dates back to 1969, it’s fair to say that Toyota must be doing something right. Now in its eighth generation, the Hilux has been Toyota’s second-best-selling model worldwide, with several million units sold – not a bad number for a pick-up truck.

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