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The INKAS® Armored Toyota Land Cruiser GXR

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser GXR

If you are looking for comfort in addition to exceptional safety and security, look no further than the armored Suburban Utility Vehicle modeled off the Toyota Land Cruiser GXR.  This rugged SUV is more than capable of dealing with any security threats that may come its way.  If you are looking to ride out the very worst in the highest comfort and safety, or just looking to ride in style, the Toyota Land Cruiser GXR is the armoured vehicle for you.

Room to Relax

No matter how stressful or dangerous the threats outside may be, this SUV with its 7 seat interior comes complete with air conditioning, refined suspension, and comes with the option of a luxury custom interior.  In this armoured vehicle, security and style are one and the same.

Exceptional Protection

With the attention to detail and protection this vehicle has received, it can withstand the bullets of 7.62 millimetre assault rifle and the direct blasts of two hand grenades.  And if that was not enough, this vehicle also has the standard security features of:

  • Complete perimeter protection of the passenger compartment
  •  Multi-layered bullet resistant glass
  •  Added protection for the car battery and electronic control module
  •  Reinforced door hinges and other critical structure points
  •  Reinforced suspension

Optional Equipment

In addition to these exceptional features that come standard with this model of SUV, as a potential customer, you would have the option of adding many accessories, including a siren, a public announcement/intercom system, a fire-suppression system, and an emergency lighting system.  The INKAS® Armored Toyota Land Cruiser GXR is a vehicle in which you can be prepared for anything.

With these security features as well as added optional equipment and accessories, the INKAS® Armored Toyota Land Cruiser GXR can get you through any situation and any obstacle.  With its cutting-edge and stylish interior and exceptionally strong exterior, it can get you through most anything while keeping you, your associates, and your peace of mind intact.

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