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The INKAS® Armored Toyota Camry XLE Sedan

  • April 30, 2015
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Low-profile, reliable and unique, the INKAS® armored Toyota Camry XLE sedan is based on a vehicle that wouldn’t turn any heads under normal circumstances. However, below the surface lies armored protection that is able to deflect ammunition of up to 7.62 calibers.

There is no question that the Toyota Camry is well-known for its superior fuel economy, comfortable interior and reliability. Now for customers searching for additional security while remaining inconspicuous, drivers can purchase the INKAS® armored Toyota Camry XLE sedan.

Due to its gentle ride and superior drivability, this Camry is perfect for daily use. It features a six speed automatic transmission, offering the necessary power while still providing the fuel economy that the Toyota brand is known for.

Some of the features offered with the armored Toyota Camry XLE Sedan include navigation with a 6.1 inch touch screen, a 10 speaker JBL sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, a rear view camera and blind spot monitoring. In addition to these standard features, it also incorporates OE-style ballistic glass that can provide protection for blasts from a 308 Winchester rifle round.

If you are searching for a vehicle that is low-profile, but that offers superior security and drivability, then the armored Camry Sedan is exactly want you’ve been looking for. In addition to the usual features and options offered by Toyota, you have the additional benefit of tried and tested INKAS® armor to protect passengers no matter how hostile the environment may be – and the best part is that this additional protection is almost completely undetectable.

For more information, contact INKAS® Armored Vehicles today at 1 416 645 8725.

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