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Specialist Cannabis Transport Vehicles Hit The Road

A Canadian vehicle manufacturing company is perfectly placed to lead the marijuana transportation market in North America
Ford CIT In Calgary

As the legalization of cannabis for recreational use takes effect in many states, some of the finer details of exactly how this will be enacted are still a matter of intense debate. On the current count, there are 30 states and the District of Columbia that are going through the process of deciding exactly what will happen in terms of marketing marijuana, cultivating the product and other high security and highly political considerations.

But in terms of one form of security, there are structured plans in place. Transportation and shipment of the product at all stages of the process is going to be a major operation. Armored transport is used to securely transport all manner of expensive items across the country. Marijuana shipments might be the target of criminals and this means protection is at the top of the list of priorities for everyone involved. The cannabis transport market will be big business as people gravitate towards more widespread use of the drug. INKAS® is at the forefront of this new opportunity and have entered the market with cutting edge security technology that will deliver all that is needed from the rules and regulations handed down by state legislature.

At the center of this exciting venture is Philip Daskal, who heads International Sales for INKAS® Vehicles. He states, “This new fleet represents the world’s best armored trucks specifically designed for cannabis transportation and we at INKAS® are proud to be one of the first ones to step up to the plate. We’ve been manufacturing cash-in-transit vehicles for banks, armored transport companies and other financial institutions for over 20 years now, we have the knowhow and experience under our belts to deliver the best solutions and meet customer requirements along with industry regulations. We are excited about the cannabis market and the further expansion of our product line in Canada and The United States.”

But this hasn’t been a simple jump from transporting cash to considering the requirements of transporting cannabis from point to point across the United States. Controlling the temperature of the transportation vehicles has been the most pressing issue facing the company. If incorrect humidity and overall temperature are not maintained, then this can render the product substandard. In addition, the guards need protection from the effects of inhaling the product during shipping. The innovation in this sector has reached astounding levels with the opening of this novel prospect. Intelligent security protocols have gone hand in hand with the physical systems.

With security the number one consideration, INKAS® have set themselves apart from their competition. Their vehicles have one defining characteristic that puts them ahead of the pack in this respect. They have panels that meet the highest ballistic standards globally with low profile armoring. In fact, from the outside INKAS® vans look no different to any other vehicle. It’s on the inside that the vast difference lies. They drive with performance and maneuverability that keeps the highly prized product inside out of the hands of the kind of criminals that will try to intercept while on the road.

About the company

INKAS® Cash-In-Transit Vehicles

INKAS® offers a wide range of cash-in-transit vehicles with unique capabilities, craftsmanship and unparalleled performance characteristics. Being entrusted with the duty of protecting lives and valuable cargo, INKAS® strives to constantly push the boundaries in order to offer truly exceptional products and services. Since 2000, the company has successfully delivered vehicles to the world’s largest security agencies, financial institutions and private customers alike.

For more information about the company, please visit http://www.citvehicles.com/cannabis-transport-vehicles/

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