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Redefined Luxury in the Armored Bentley Bentayga

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is the first company in the world to armor the fabulous Bentley Bentayga. Now, one of the most luxurious SUVs is cocooned with armor to provide exceptional safety and protection to its passengers against rifle shots and hand grenades.

World leaders, high net worth individuals, and businessmen who travel across hostile parts of the world demand absolute comfort, performance, and uncompromised protection. That is why INKAS® has equipped the Bentley Bentayga with high-class armoring features, without compromising the vehicle’s luxury and comfort.

A jewellery store on wheels” 

That is what Thomas Holland and James Engelsman from Throttle House named the armored Bentley Bentayga after their test drive last year. The crew also visited INKAS® facility and left quite impressed after they learnt the details of how the vehicle has been manufactured. You can watch the complete review of the Bentley Bentayga here.

High Class Armor

Depending on the protection level requested by the client, the thickness of ballistic steel used in the doors, floor and roof varies. This particular armored Bentley Bentayga is armored to meet the CEN 1063 BR6 ballistic standards that ensure the vehicle can withstand straight shots from an AK47 with 7.62 mm rounds. Furthermore, the powerful chassis of the Bentayga also allows this vehicle to be armored up to CEN 1063 BR7 standards that offer additional protection against armor-piercing ammunition.

Taking advantage of innovative materials and protective systems, INKAS® guarantees the safety of passengers against an explosion of two hand grenades detonated simultaneously below the Bentayga’s floor. The windows are made of a 40 mm thick glass, and to maximize the protection level of vehicle’s occupants, INKAS® suggests to make the windows inoperable. Apart from that, INKAS® proprietary overlap system is integrated to provide 360-perimeter protection.

Ride handling and performance

In order to carry the extra weight of the armoring and bulletproof glass, most of the vehicles have to undergo a serious suspension reinforcement – but not the Bentley Bentayga – as the OEM suspension of the vehicle is very powerful and provides a smooth ride despite the additional weight of the armored shell. Moreover, engaging Sport and Comfort modes work just like they do in any other Bentley.

Even with the additional 2,000 lbs of armor, this bulletproof Bentayga is one of the fastest vehicles on the road. Powered by a renowned engine, the W12 twin-turbocharged engine produces 600 horsepower and 664 lb. ft. of torque with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Safety and comfort

Since every Bentley SUV comes with a four-wheel drivetrain, the vehicle features the Terrain Response System. The Bentley also offers head-up display, blind spot detection, lane keep assist, and 360-degree parking assist.

The armored Bentley Bentayga is designed for both short rides across the city as well as long journeys. Keeping that in mind, INKAS® provides the best comfort experience to its passengers with climate and massage control seats, high quality surround sound system, configurable ambient interior lighting, and the finest materials and finishes. Check out the 360º interior view of INKAS® Armored Bentley Bentayga here.

Are you interested in purchasing an armored vehicle? INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has a wide range of armored vehicle models to meet your needs and requirements. Feel free to talk to one of our representatives about your future vehicle.

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