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Automotive Electrician

  • October 29, 2014
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inkasarmored INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is a Canadian firm that specializes in design and production of a wide variety of armored vehicles, cars, and armored trucks. Luxury armored cars, armored SUV's, Cash Transit Vehicles and Tactical Armored Vehicles used by Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world. With multiple facilities all over the world, INKAS® aims to please every customer with its maximal efficiency, organized deployment and superior technical abilities.

As an Electrician, your duties will include:

  • Read and interpret drawings, blueprints, schematics, and code specifications to determine lay-out of industrial electrical equipment and installations
  • Maintain, repair, install and test electrical motors, generators, alternators, and battery backup systems
  • Maintain, repair, install and test switchgear transformers, distribution panels, metering, capacitors, regulators and reactors
  • Program, troubleshoot, maintain and repair industrial automation including PLCs, HMI, frequency drives, temperature control and other related devices
  • Conduct preventative maintenance programs including computerized maintenance management systems, record keeping, work orders, material ordering and supplier relations
  • Install, maintain, and calibrate industrial instrumentation and related field devices
  • 3 years’ experience
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