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INKAS® Remembers Canadian Soldiers

remembrance day canada

Just over 100 years ago, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae wrote ‘In Flanders Field’ while serving in front lines at Ypres, Belgium.  Those words, recited every year, remind all of us about the sacrifice our nation has given in the pursuit of peace.  Since Canada’s inception over 116,000 Canadians have had their lives ‘taken’ so that the rest of us can live in peace.  Families were forever changed and once a year we gather to remember them.

Canadians do not go out and seek glory as a nation or by in large as a people.  We quietly work for the betterment of our nation and people in need.   Men and women voluntarily chose to wear our nation’s uniform and serve to defend our country at home and abroad so that the rest of us can go about our lives without thinking about our security.  Canadians are blessed with volunteers who give willingly of their time, service and recognition of the risk to do so.  While they stand on guard, Canadians go about their lives without much thought.  Only when the cause is such, has Canada leaned in when it was right to do so.  The tragic events of last year with the killing of Cpl Cirillo and WO Vincent brought home the cost of freedom.  Canada’s safety due to geography has been challenged.

INKAS® is a proud Canadian company.  We are all from either immigrant families or immigrants ourselves.  INKAS® embodies what it means to be Canadian.  As we reflect on our own stories for freedom, let’s take time out today to remember not only the Canadians who fell for our country but soldiers from all countries who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country in the name of peace and freedom.

We are blessed today to take for granted the actions of others.  Please remember them today and hug a soldier.

– Ret. Maj.-Gen David Fraser

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