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INKAS LAPV 100 Series (Armored Personnel Carrier) Promo Video

In today’s world more and more police departments, along with other security and law-enforcement organizations choose to equip their special tactical and first response teams with a vehicle that offers superior characteristics and ballistic protection for the crew.

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, located in Toronto, Canada has designed an armored vehicle which provides superior comfort, mobility, and ballistic protection in one cost-effective, low-maintenance solution. INKAS Light Armored Patrol Vehicle was initially designed for patrolling remote locations around high-security installations across Canada. Special attention was paid to the vehicle’s off-road and cross-terrain capabilities as well as overall design ergonomics and crew comfort.

Today, INKAS LAPVs are deployed across the world with minor modifications to meet the climate challenge and terrain challenges from the Tropics to the Arctic. Despite its special purpose nature, the LAPV fits in the city’s traffic as well as in the off-road environment. A wide range of tactical equipment can be incorporated into the LAPV to meet a client’s requirement: a wide array of offensive and defensive equipment, alternative seating configurations, electronic and communications equipment.

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