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The INKAS® Land Rover Defender Has Kevlar Protective Flooring

  • February 25, 2015
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One of the most critical issues for armored vehicles is providing passengers and drivers with protection from explosive shrapnel, bullets, and fire. This is why the INKAS® Land Rover Defender has a High-Performance Kevlar flooring system to protect passengers and save lives when on the road.

What is Kevlar?

Kevlar is a high-performance fiber best known for its proven performance in manufacturing ballistic and stab-resistant body armor. The new technology provides a higher performance fiber for use in critical applications in the manufacture of armored cars.

Key Benefits of Kevlar Applications Include:

  • Improved ballistic performance. Using a new woven fabric technology, coupled with a new coating process, Kevlar fibre delivers improved ballistic performance when applied to armored vehicles.
  • Fragment protection via spall liners. The enhanced honeycomb structure of the Kevlar fibre provides superior fragment protection for armored vehicles. Spall liners are composite panels mounted to the inside of the shell structure of armored vehicles. The spall liners protect passengers inside by catching spall fragments of the outer shell blown into the vehicle.
  • Flame resistance and strength. Kevlar provides self-extinguishing properties in the event that the inside of the vehicle becomes engulfed in flames due to a hit.
  • Bulletproof capability. New Kevlar technology provides better bullet-stopping power at a lighter weight.


For more information on the Land Rover Defender vehicle and the Kevlar floor systems provided by INKAS® please visit our website. +1 461 645 8725.

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