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Bulletproof Car Windows – Everything You Wanted To Know About Armored Glass

INKAS Bulletproof Glass

Armored vehicles have become increasingly essential in today’s world due to rising security concerns. They provide advanced protection against various threats, including ballistic attacks, explosions, and flying debris. A crucial component that ensures their safety is high-quality bulletproof glass. Let’s explore the fascinating world of armored glass, including its history and the importance of protection levels. Understanding these intricacies will help us grasp the significance of bulletproof car windows, which play a crucial role in ensuring safety and peace of mind.

A Brief History of Ballistic Glass

To truly appreciate the innovation behind bulletproof glass, it is important to understand its historical development. The journey of bulletproof glass began in 1903 when French chemist Edouard Benedictus accidentally discovered laminated glass. This breakthrough invention involved sandwiching a layer of polymer between two glass sheets, making the glass resilient and capable of withstanding impact even when shattered. This early form of armored glass laid the foundation for further advancements in the field.
Over the years, continuous research and development led to significant improvements in the manufacturing process of armored glass. Innovations in materials and techniques resulted in the creation of highly effective bullet-resistant glass capable of withstanding projectiles from handguns to high-powered rifles. Today, armored glass is a critical component in ensuring the safety and security of armored vehicles.

Understanding Protection Levels

Ballistic glass is classified based on independent laboratory ratings that determine its ballistic protection level. The CEN (European Committee for Standardization) protection levels categorize the glass’s ability to withstand specific types of ballistic threats, providing a clearer understanding of the level of protection offered. Some commonly recognized CEN protection levels include:

CEN Level BR2: Protection against handgun rounds, such as 9mm bullets

CEN Level BR3: Enhanced protection against higher caliber handguns

CEN Level BR4: Resistance to high-velocity rounds, up to .44 Magnum

CEN Level BR5: Protection against high-powered rifles, up to 5.56mm rounds

CEN Level BR6: Advanced protection against assault rifles, up to 7.62mm rounds

CEN Level BR7: Maximum protection against armor-piercing rifle rounds

Determining the appropriate protection level depends on the specific security needs and potential threats faced by individuals or organizations.

The Benefits of Armored Glass

Armored glass provides a range of benefits to the occupants of an armored vehicle and the vehicle itself:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Armored glass offers protection against various threats, including gunfire, explosions, and flying debris. This level of protection is particularly crucial in military operations, VIP transportation, and high-risk situations.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Armored glass adds an additional layer of privacy and security to the occupants of an armored vehicle. This feature is especially valuable for high-profile individuals or government officials who require utmost discretion and heightened security measures.
  • Increased Vehicle Value: Equipping a vehicle with armored glass significantly increases its overall value. This investment not only ensures security but also provides a sound return on investment for individuals and organizations prioritizing high-level protection.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury: Armored glass is engineered to withstand high impacts, reducing the risk of injury to occupants in the event of an accident. This added safety feature not only provides peace of mind but also enhances the overall safety standards of the vehicle.
  • In addition to the above benefits, armored glass can also provide protection against harsh weather conditions and reduce noise pollution, creating a more comfortable and tranquil environment within the vehicle.


In conclusion, armored glass is a critical component of any armored vehicle, offering a high level of protection against various threats. The historical development of bulletproof glass showcases the constant innovation and advancements made in the field. By understanding the importance of protection levels and collaborating with reputable manufacturers, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing ensures that our customers receive the highest quality bulletproof glass in their personalized armored vehicles. Explore the unrivaled security offered by INKAS®’s armored vehicles, meticulously customized to meet specific needs and requirements.

Contact INKAS® today to learn more about their range of armored vehicles and discover how they can provide the utmost safety and peace of mind in an ever-changing world. Trust INKAS® for excellence in armored vehicle manufacturing and secure transportation solutions.

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