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INKAS® Armored Cars – Grill Bumpers

  • January 30, 2015
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A bumper is a shield made up of a strong metal combination that is mounted on the front and rear of a passenger car. When a low speed collision occurs, the bumper system absorbs the shock to prevent or reduce damage to the car.

What is the purpose of bumper grills?

  • The car bumper is designed to prevent or reduce physical damage to the front and rear ends of passenger motor vehicles in low-speed collisions.
  • Bumpers create additional reinforcement to the vehicles edges as well as protect key components behind the grill such as the radiator and engine assembly.
  • Bumpers are typically higher on light trucks, pick-ups or SUVs than on passenger cars to provide better clearance for approach and departure of steep grades or when driving over large rocks and other objects during off road operations.
  • With the help of the bumper grill, an armored vehicle can remove debris or vehicles that are blocking the road with minimal hindrance to its speed, control and overall reliability.
  • We often hear stories of attempts by other cars to take over armored vehicles by ramming into them. A bumper will mitigate these types of risks.

For more information on bumpers provided by INKAS® please visit our website. +1 461 645 8725.



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