The INKAS® Mercedes Sprinter Armored Van: High security. Low profile.


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The INKAS® Mercedes Sprinter Armored Van: High security. Low profile.

  • July 10, 2015
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When transporting large sums of money and other valuables, it is imperative that security be your #1 priority. This armored van is based on the classic Mercedes Sprinter, and with it’s design, it maximizes your security while minimizing you profile. Having personal goods or large sums of money is dangerous enough. Advertising to everyone that you are carrying these things is the last thing that you want to do. That’s why this design is a top choice for cash-in-transit vehicles

Security in style

The high roof, and full INKAS® armored protection ensure that both the people, and the cargo inside benefit form a high level of security. This model is ideal for clients looking for an affordable option for transporting valuable goods such as cash and jewelry. On top of its security level, it also offers spacious seating and smooth handling. With rear wheel drive and cruise control, not only is it a breeze to handle, but it is a safe and pleasant ride.

The Importance of Being Inconspicuous

The design doesn’t jump out at you as an armored vehicle. Most people won’t even notice that it’s a cash-in-transit vehicle. A modern take on a classic design means that it will look more like a normal van, which allows you to conduct your business in secrecy. 360 degree armoring, run-flat tires and plain white exterior mean that the inside is safe, and the outside doesn’t attract attention.

Security is paramount in the cash-in-transit business, and making sure that you have an affordable option is a great way to increase both your bottom line, and your confidence. Don’t stress over whether or not your valuables are safe. Rest assured that with an INKAS® van based on the Mercedes Sprinter, your possessions and your passengers are safe and sound.

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