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The INKAS® Land Rover Defender

  • May 27, 2015
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Land Rovers have been used as armored cars practically since they were first built in the 1950s. They were first used as armored vehicles by the British Armed Forces, and then used in similar fashion by NATO and other countries. The Defender has been one of the most popular, not to mention incredibly functional, models made by Land Rover.

INKAS® has developed and further enhanced the Land Rover Defender into a highly capable armored car which can serve a variety of roles. We took advantage of the rugged strength and mechanical reliability of the Defender to increase the amount of armor mounted on it. We have added extra armored plates to the car and made sure all the windows are fitted with bullet proof glass.

The extra armor has not slowed down the enhanced Defender due to its powerful 2.4 L diesel engine. This means that the armored Land Rover has enough speed to get out of tricky situations, or even catch up with cars that are trying to get away from it should the Defender be deployed by police forces.

INKAS® is marketing the Land Rover Defender as an armored car to be used for carrying valuable cargo for private, and even national, banks. The adapted Defender is ideal for such a role as it’s well protected, and can even be driven off road if necessary to evade pursuit.

Police forces could also find the armored Land Rover Defenders useful. They’re practical for counter terrorist operations, riot control, and efficient in SWAT team operations. Its ability to be used off road allows the Defender to get to places other cars cannot reach, with protection most off-road vehicles can’t provide.

For more information concerning the Land Rover Defender, or for other armed vehicles that combine luxury with advanced security, contact INKAS® at (416) 645-8725.

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