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The INKAS® Armored Toyota Avalon

  • June 2, 2015
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If you’re looking for top of the line luxury car, but don’t want to forgo the safety and security you deserve, why not consider investing in the INKAS® Armored Toyota Avalon?

The Toyota Avalon was first released in 1994, and the fourth generation of the car began production in 2012. It’s always been considered a high end luxury car, and offers a smooth ride for passengers and drivers alike, as it’s fully equipped with a V6 engine and 6-speed automatic transition.

The biggest advantages of the INKAS® Armored Toyota Avalon are its combination of three important characteristics: performance, luxury and, of course, security.

When it comes to luxury, the INKAS® Armoured Toyota Avalon has wheels of machine-finished alloy, premium leather upholstery, and comes with Bluetooth and iPod capabilities, as well as an upgraded sound system, not to mention triple-zone climate control.

Like all INKAS® vehicles, it also offers unsurmountable protection to its riders, with bulletproof windows and body. Its transparent armor includes an anti-spall layer (spall is flakes of material that break off a larger body), while ballistic steel overlaps are on all the doors.

So if you’re looking for the next big thing in security, look no further than the INKAS® Armoured Toyota Avalon. For more information concerning the INKAS® Armoured Toyota Avalon, or for questions concerning our full line of armored vehicles, give us a call at (416) 645-8725.

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