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INKAS®’s Line Up of Light Armored Patrol Vehicles Explained

Are you looking to upgrade your fleet of light armored vehicles in 2021? Maybe you’re expanding into a new line of work, like border control. Maybe you’ve done more in the realm of medical evacuations this past year, and it’s time to upgrade and expand the fleet.

Whatever the reason, INKAS® has a light armored patrol vehicle (LAPV) that’s right for you. This guide explores the various models you can choose from. With the information here, you’ll be in an excellent position to get the LAPV model you need for everything your business does.

What Is an LAPV?

Before taking a look at the various models in the INKAS® lineup, it helps to understand what a “light armored patrol vehicle” is.

These are vehicles designed for security operations. All around the world, there are plenty of dangerous situations faced by law enforcement, peacekeeping corps, and border control agencies, among others. These vehicles have a wide array of uses, from deployment in routine patrols to transporting goods in convoys.

LAPVs may also be used during emergencies. They’re especially useful for first responders and emergency personnel operating in remote locations or across rough terrain. They can be used to assist with medical evacuation, especially when people have been injured and need extraction.

All of INKAS®’s LAPVs are designed to be lightweight and highly maneuverable, making them excellent choices for even the most rugged terrain. That said, they also deliver on protection to keep people safe. Most INKAS® models also offer a good deal of customizability, which means they can be outfitted to suit your unique needs.

Sometimes the term LAPV is used interchangeably with APC (Armored Personnel Carrier). While technically these acronyms aren’t synonymous, modern terminology has made it so.

With all that in mind, here is the INKAS® LAPV lineup.

INKAS® Hudson (SWB)

The INKAS® Hudson Small Wheel Base (SWB) is built on the Toyota Land Cruiser 76 platform, which makes it both reliable and enduring, even under the toughest conditions. Its small frame and innovative lightweight armor make it more maneuverable and higher performance than some of the other vehicle options on your list.

That said, it still provides exceptional protection, which makes it an excellent choice for law enforcement or border control agencies facing rugged terrain in remote areas. An electronic night vision system, bullet-resistant glass, and more come standard on this model.

Optional upgrades include external view cameras, a siren/PA system, and even a front-mounted plow for moving obstacles.

INKAS® Hudson

The full-sized INKAS® Hudson model is also based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 79, which maintains its maneuverability and performance. It also makes this model a cost-effective choice, especially when it comes to maintaining it.

That’s excellent news for law enforcement, border control agencies, and SWAT teams who may be operating in remote areas. Parts availability is excellent, so there’s no concern about repairing your LAPV.

The Hudson seats up to eight passengers comfortably, whereas the Hudson SWB seats just six. The Hudson’s climate control features also make it a better choice for anyone operating this vehicle in a hotter climate.

It includes the same standard features as the INKAS® Hudson SWB and more, like engine bay armoring and a heavy-duty electronic winch. Upgrades include multi-layer ballistic glass and more.


The Sentry model is one of the more popular in the INKAS® lineup, but there’s always room to improve! That’s why the INKAS® Sentry MPV was created. Using feedback from real missions, the Sentry MPV was designed to be a more flexible version of the Sentry platform.

The INKAS® team also used that feedback to create a vehicle that’s ready for any environment. With advanced off-road capabilities, this lightweight LAPV can get to any site faster. It’s the perfect solution for first responders, as well as law enforcement, SWAT, and others.

It can be used for just about any application, from medical evacuation to personnel transport and beyond. Optional features include an acoustic hailing device, a crowd-control barrier system, and much more.

INKAS® Sentry

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty LAPV that still performs with high maneuverability, then the INKAS® Sentry should be your go-to pick.

Today’s Sentry model is the result of continuous improvement on previous versions. The INKAS® team has taken mission-tested feedback and incorporated it all to create a truly unique LAPV. Whether you want a vehicle that can act as a mobile command centre, handle medical evacuations, or you have another application in mind, the Sentry may be the model for you.

Best of all, the Sentry is a truly global model. The INKAS® Sentry Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) gives you all the same features and reliability, no matter which side of the road your team is used to driving on.

INKAS® Huron

From looking at it, you might not think the Huron is terribly maneuverable. This behemoth is full of surprises though. Innovative lightweight armor gives this vehicle less weight and more maneuverability in any type of terrain.

This vehicle has the highest seating capacity of the models in the INKAS® lineup.This LAPV is still heavy-duty when it comes to protection. It includes blast protection on the floor, as well as resistance to various ammunition, hand grenades, ordnance, and more. The design makes the vehicle resilient, so it can keep full operations even during adverse situations. It’s an excellent choice for everything from convoy protection to border control.

INKAS® Superior

Last but not least, there is the Superior Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEDEVAC). The INKAS® team put a lot into designing a vehicle that could operate in any environment. It’s also an excellent choice for medical evacuation, as the high occupancy means there’s enough room to easily transport wounded passengers as well.

It’s also incredibly customizable, making it unique among vehicles of this size. As a result, it’s a great choice for everything from medical to peacekeeping operations and more.

The Right Model for Your Needs

No matter what you need an LAPV for, one of these INKAS® models could be the right choice. If you’re expanding your fleet or getting into a new line of business, then it’s time to get in touch with the experts at INKAS®. They can help you choose the right model and the right customizations to help you get exactly what you need.

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