When it is necessary to transport a large group of people in short, medium, or long distance – the 44-passenger Armored Ashok Leyland bus is the vehicle of choice for many Security companies or other organizations operating in volatile environment.
Engine: WO6DTI, 6-cyl turbo charged, diesel, 180HP

Transmission: ZF Synchromesh, 5-speed plus reverse, w/hydraulic clutch

Brakes: air pressure operated, dual line circuit system

Axle rating: 5,000kg Front, 8,000kg Rear

Air conditioning system: 26,000kcal, independent engine system

Dimensions: L: 9.8m, H:3.1m, W:2.5m, WB:4.9m

Passenger capacity: up to 44

Ballistic Protection: up to CEN Level B6

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