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General Construction Supervisor

  • February 24, 2017
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INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing assembles and delivers the highest quality luxury and security standard armored trucks, vans, SUVs and limousines. The Company utilizes a combination of advanced defense and custom-made technologies, modern composite and transparent ballistic materials to create superb luxury yet top-secure vehicles for its clients.

All INKAS® Armored Vehicles are manufactured in Canada using the best possible materials by the best-trained professionals in the field.

At this time, INKAS® is looking to hire an experienced General Construction Supervisor for a full-time, permanent position. Working in a team of mechanical engineers, security and design professionals, the General Construction Supervisor will be overseeing construction, renovations, and rehabilitations of INKAS® sites and properties across Canada.

The ideal candidate will have years of hands-on experience in commercial building construction with specialization in bullet-resistance and shock-absorbent construction drafting and design. Please see specifications of the position below:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct Initial property assessment and determine possible deficiencies in order to properly determine armoring procedures;
  • Assist senior managers with building proposals and quotations and make recommendations based on current security systems and costs;
  • First point of contact and main liaison between management and other concerned properties;
  • Coordinate with general contractors in implementing and interpreting approved blueprints, including the assembly of specialized materials to ensure maximization of security features;
  • Oversee overall construction and ensure all required materials are available on site to meet approved timelines;
  • Maintain and enforce quality construction standards and report any potential problems or occupational hazards to management;
  • Work Closely with mechanical engineers and automotive upholsterers in developing and finalizing conceptual designs;
  • Train and coach new team members in the proper installation and assembly of specialized materials;
  • Coordinate all documentations, especially weekly target reports and costs estimations.

Specific Skills:

  • Advanced proficiency in multi-level security construction materials:
    • Ballistic and Polycarbonate glasses
    • Ballistic panels
    • Bullet resistant materials – Levels 1 to 4;
  • Experience working with custom-assembled construction materials;
  • Ability to lead the way in the development of innovative technologies, and state-of-the-art armoring of commercial and residential buildings.

 Compensation and Conditions:

  • $31.50 per hour, overtime rate of $47.25 will apply after 44 hours of work per week;
  • 35-hour work week,
  • Permanent, non-seasonal position, full benefits offered,
  • Location of company’s head office: 3605 Weston Road, Toronto, Ontario M9L 1V7. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO TRAVEL TO OTHER SITES. ALL EXPENSES WILL BE PAID BY THE COMPANY.


  • Minimum 3 years as a Construction Manager/Supervisor, with specialization in custom security construction processes
  • Completion of secondary school or its equivalent
  • Post-secondary training diploma or certificate and Trade certification are assets;
  • Must communicate thoroughly in English to ensure smooth communication in the shop;
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